Cycling Etiquette & Bike Safety

Group Riding Etiquette and Safety

Group rides are a great way to socialize, build confidence, and improve fitness, but there are important things to know in order to avoid injuries and make the most of every ride. Here are a few recommendations that can help keep your rides safe and enjoyable. 

Use hand and verbal signals

Riding in a group means looking out for each other. If you find yourself in the front of the group and see something that could be hazardous, utilize hand signals to alert the other riders. There may be times when you’re unable to take both hands off the handlebars, in that case use verbal signals to communicate with the group. To learn more about hand signals, click here: 

Don’t ride carelessly

While there’s nothing wrong with changing lines to maintain safety on the road, be sure that you are doing so cautiously and only when necessary. Let other riders know when you need to change lines so that everyone can accommodate the change.

Follow the rules of the road

Disregarding road signs and traffic lights is not only extremely dangerous, but also illegal. Make sure you are aware of traffic and bicycle laws before you hit the road in order to keep yourself and others safe.

Avoid overlapping wheels

Riding too close to the person in front of you can cause your wheels to overlap which can significantly reduce the time you have to brake if their riding suddenly changes. If you find yourself riding side-by-side with another rider, be sure that you are riding handlebar-to-handlebar and not slightly ahead of them. 

Be punctual and prepared

Showing up on time is common courtesy when cycling with a group. Life happens and sometimes being late is unavoidable, but no one wants to be the person responsible for consistently holding up the entire group.  It’s also important to make sure you come prepared with things you may need for the ride like food, water, identification, money, and a flat kit.

Don’t out-pace the group

We all have days when we’re feeling especially strong, but when riding with a group it’s important not to force the whole group to struggle unnecessarily just to keep up with you. Instead, take long, steady, pulls at the front.


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